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Frequently Asked Questions

There are recurring questions that our clients often ask. Listed below are frequently asked questions and answers that may be of interest to you.

Who is Premier IP Protection, LLC?
Premier IP Protection, LLC is an intellectual property law firm. We have over 100 years of cumulative experience in providing intellectual property services for clients. The firm assists clients in filing applications for patents, copyright registrations, and trademark registrations. The firm also counsels clients with respect to trade secret matters. In addition, associates of the firm are experienced in addressing infringement and licensing issues.
Does Premier IP Protection, LLC provide services world-wide?
Yes. We are experienced in providing intellectual property services in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.
Can Premier IP Protection, LLC assist me in licensing my invention, copyright, trademark or trade secret?
Yes. Premier IP Protection, LLC can submit your invention to decision makers in many corporations nation-wide who may be interested in licensing intellectual property conceived outside their respective corporations.
Can Premier IP Protection, LLC perform an intellectual property audit for my business or research laboratory?
Yes. An intellectual property audit will determine the value of intellectual property assets owned or licensed by a business or research laboratory. Such an audit will identify potential infringement liability to which the business may be exposed. The audit will also examine procedures for perfecting intellectual property rights and will recommend necessary improvements to those procedures. Results of an audit will identify the strengths and weaknesses of intellectual property assets used in the business.
Are Premier IP Protection, LLC fees competitive?
Yes. Our fees are very affordable. Our policy is to make intellectual property protection services readily accessible by individual inventors, small businesses and government agencies, as well as large multi-national corporations.
What is your success rate in obtaining patents?
Our attorneys have had a success rate of almost 100% in obtaining domestic and foreign patents. This includes patents having both broad and narrow scope.
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