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Engagement Agreement for Legal Services
  1. PARTIES TO THIS AGREEMENT.  This Agreement is entered into by, and between Premier IP Protection, LLC, (hereinafter "Attorney") and ___________________________________,(hereinafter "Client") on this _____day of ____________, _____ in the County of San Diego, State of California.

  2. LEGAL SERVICES INCLUDED.  Attorney will provide the following Legal Services to the Client: ______________________________________________________________.

  3. LEGAL SERVICES EXCLUDED.  All of, but not limited to, the following legal services will be excluded by the Attorney under this agreement: only legal services specified herein are provided. All other legal services are excluded.

  4. OBLIGATIONS OF ATTORNEY AND CLIENT.  Attorney will adequately perform the legal services under this agreement while updating the Client on any and all changes in his or her status, and respond to Client's inquiries or other communications without undue delay.   Client will be honest and cooperate with Attorney, keeping Attorney abreast of new developments or changes that could affect the Client's case, particularly any changes in Client's address, telephone number, and/or how to reach Client; and make any and all payments according to this agreement on or before the date due.

  5. ATTORNEY'S FEES.  Client will pay to Attorney the fixed sum of $___________ for attorney's fees for the specified legal services to be rendered under this agreement, payable as follows: ____________________________________________________________.

  6. COSTS.  Client will pay all "costs" in relationship to attorney's legal services under this agreement.  Costs will be billed to client unless such costs can be satisfied from Client deposits that are to be applied to costs.  Costs include, but are not limited to, long-distance telephone charges, facsimile charges, mailing charges, court filing fees, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office filing fees, foreign patent office filing fees, deposition costs, expert fees and expenses, investigation costs, mileage charges, parking, messenger service fees, photocopying expenses, process server fees and any other related expense incurred by Attorney to provide satisfactory legal services to Client.

  7. STATEMENTS AND/OR PAYMENTS.  Attorney shall send Client monthly statements to Client's most recent address on record, disclosing attorney's fees and costs and summaries, any funds applied from a retainer, and any current balance still owing.   Statements are to be paid in full within 30 days after the statement has been mailed.

  8. PAYMENT OF ATTORNEY'S FEES OR COSTS BY ANOTHER PARTY.  If the legal services rendered pertain to a claim, suit, litigation or other similar action, Client acknowledges that a court may order, or the opposing party may agree, that another party shall pay for part or all of attorney's fees or costs or both.  Such order or agreement shall not change Client's obligations to Attorney, but receipt of such payment shall be credited to Client's account.

  9. CLIENT'S PROPERTY.  Client's legal file, and the documents therein, are Client's property.  Attorney shall retain Client's property obtained and/or generated during the pendency of the legal services being rendered, and upon the completion thereof, or the earlier request by Client, Client's property shall be promptly released and delivered to Client.   If Client does not accept such property after legal services have been completed, Attorney is authorized to retain and/or dispose of such property in Attorney's reasonable discretion, and any storage costs thereof shall be payable by Client as additional legal costs.

  10. CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Client is informed that the Rules of Professional Conduct of Pennsylvania, New York, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and U.S. Copyright Office, require, before an attorney may commence or continue representation of a client, that the attorney disclose to the client any actual or potential conflict of interest between the client and another person represented by the attorney.   If an actual or potential conflict of interest exists, that attorney may not represent that client without the written consent of such client and the adverse party.  Attorney is not aware of any relationship with a person that may have a conflict of interest in the present subject matter or in any separate subject matter of Client under this Agreement.

  11. SETTLEMENT.  If the legal services rendered pertain to a claim, suit, litigation or other similar action, Attorney shall notify Client immediately of any offer received by Attorney to settle Client's matter.   Attorney will not accept any offer to settle without first obtaining the approval of Client.   Client shall have the unequivocal right to accept or reject any such settlement offer.

  12. ATTORNEY'S LIEN.  Attorney shall have a lien for attorney's fees and/or costs advanced on behalf of Attorney's representation of Client under this Agreement, on all funds obtained by judgment, settlement or arbitration award payable to Client.

  13. DISCHARGE OF ATTORNEY.  Client may, at any time, discharge Attorney for any reason whatsoever by written notice, which shall become effective upon receipt by Attorney.  Upon receipt, Attorney shall cease to provide all legal services to Client, unless otherwise agreed upon by Attorney and Client.  Client shall execute and return a substitution-of-attorney form immediately on its receipt from Attorney if Attorney is Client's attorney of record in any litigation.  Client acknowledges that Client shall remain obligated to pay for all attorney's fees and costs owed to Attorney as required by the terms of this Agreement.

  14. WITHDRAWAL OF ATTORNEY.  Attorney may withdraw as Client's attorney of record at any time, in accordance with the Rules of Professional Conduct of the State of Pennsylvania, New York, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and U.S. Copyright Office.

  15. DISCLAIMER.  Client acknowledges that Attorney makes no guarantee regarding the outcome or success with regard to Client's matter. Attorney does not have or hold any power to guarantee any certain outcome in favor of Client.

  16. ENTIRE AGREEMENT.  This Agreement is complete in its entirety between the parties involved.  This Agreement supersedes all other agreements, oral or written.

  17. SEVERABILITY.  This entire Agreement shall be severable and remain in effect if any provision in whole or in part is held unenforceable for any reason.

  18. MODIFICATIONS.  This agreement may be modified only by the execution of a written agreement signed by all the parties hereto.  Client understands and acknowledges that if Client wants any additional legal services that have not been included in this Agreement, a separate agreement shall be necessary.

  19. ARBITRATION OF FEE DISPUTE.  In the event of a dispute between Client and Attorney pertaining to fees and costs charged by Attorney, such dispute shall be resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with the applicable arbitration rules in the state of California.

  20. ARBITRATION OF MALPRACTICE.  In the event a dispute arises between Attorney and Client regarding any alleged malpractice, such dispute shall be resolved by binding arbitration in accordance with the applicable arbitration rules in the state of California.

  21. EFFECTIVE DATE AND SIGNING OF THIS AGREEMENT.  This Agreement shall become effective when signed by all parties hereto.   However, in the event this Agreement requires the payment of a retainer fee to Attorney, this Agreement shall not become effective, and Attorney shall have no duty to act on behalf of Client, until the full payment of such retainer fee.

The undersigned below have read and agree to be bound by this Agreement.  Executed as of the date first written above.

Premier IP Protection, LLC
By: ______________________________________
Walter S, Stevens, Attorney at Law,

By: ______________________________________

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